Ivory Coast: an online portal dedicated to investors

Abidjan, the pearl of lagoons

Côte d’Ivoire has just acquired an online platform that is now the single portal for investor services: www.225invest.ci. This website, which is intended to serve as an interface between foreign and local investors and the public administration, marks the starting point for the dematerialization of all public services and actions towards the private sector. not extremely important in the context of improving the business climate.

Thus, the formalities of company (creation, modification, etc.), the obtaining of the licenses and business licenses, the formalities relating to the land, the registration of the acts of justice, the steps of connection to the electricity, auctions, etc., can now be directly online without the need to multiply travel from one administration to another.

Better still, declarations and payment of taxes, social contributions will also be made from the platform. In addition, the site is linked to other portals such as those of CEPICI, the Single Window of Foreign Trade, the Post Office and that of E-Visa, the Visa online application site.

the www.225invest.ci is now the single portal offering economic operators all the information relating to the business and investment environment and a set of dematerialized services ranging from administrative formalities to the payment of taxes.
The portal which has both an “informational and transactional vocation brings together in one point all the information relating to the business environment and investment and offers a set of dematerialized services to companies” summarizes Emmanuel Essis Esmel, the secretary of Ivorian State responsible for promoting private investment.

The challenge of the reform is the dematerialization of the administrative procedures of the economic operators and thus the reduction of the number and the deadlines of the procedures, but also to ensure the transparency in the whole process of acquisition of the administrative acts.

At the transaction level, all the security conditions are met, ensures Emmanuel Essis. “The government has provided the means for us to have a state-of-the-art, state-of-the-art infrastructure with the latest security technologies in the world,” he says.

Unique identifier

This major reform is based on the implementation of the “Unique Identifier”, a unique registration that replaces all other numbers generated at the start of business (business register numbers, taxpayer account, social contribution as well as as the importer / exporter code).

This breakthrough will both help speed up the administrative procedures and online transactions of investors, but is also a guarantee of reliability and transparency of the company towards its partners.

This code is granted as soon as the company is created on the portal, a process that is completed in less than 24 hours. And for active companies, they have until October 2019 to regularize their situation.

Doing Business

In line with this program, the Doing Business for which Côte d’Ivoire intends to remain in the top 50 worldwide by 2020. From 177th in 2013, the country rose to 139th place in the last ranking in 2017. “The platform is the result of a set of reforms that will allow us to take a giant step in the next rankings,” said confident the former boss of CEPICI, the government agency for investment promotion.

225invest.ci is an important step in the Ivorian government’s policy to dematerialize all administrative procedures. A program valued at about 20 billion FCFA over the period 2016-2020.


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