Airtel Africa joins global industry body to promote sustainability in  its supply chain 


Airtel Africa, a leading provider of telecommunications and mobile money  services with a presence in 14 countries across Africa, has joined the Joint Alliance for CSR (JAC),  a global telecommunications industry body whose members promote sustainability principles in  their supply chains. 

This follows the launch of the Airtel Africa’s sustainability strategy in October 2021, which set out  detailed plans to transform the lives of millions of people across Africa. Among the actions outlined  in the strategy is promoting Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) principles in its supply  chain, which will be delivered through its membership of the JAC. Airtel Africa plc is listed on the  London Stock Exchange and was recently added to the FTSE 100 index. 

JAC was founded in 2010 and currently has 19 telecom operators as members. Through JAC,  members verify, assess and promote sustainability standards and transfer of best practice across  supply chains. Since its founding, JAC has conducted over 724 audits in 41 countries. Collaboration  has significantly increased the number of audits and increased corrective actions, driving a higher  standard across the supply chain. 

Airtel Africa’s Chief Strategy, Sustainability and Partnerships Officer, Olubayo Adekanmbi said:  

“This is a great milestone for Airtel Africa on our sustainability journey. We are keenly focused on  building a sustainable business that drives the digital and financial inclusion agenda in Africa.  Encouraging our supply chain to focus more on ESG principles, and working together with the rest  of the global telecommunications industry is the next step towards promoting sustainable  development that leaves no one behind.’’


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