Senebec will soon open its doors in Senegal

Senebec, a subsidiary of the Synergie Eurobec internationale LTée group, a specialist in innovative nutritional solutions in animal production, will start its activities in the coming days in Senegal.

The company’s activity mainly aims to develop a new concept of perennial and sustainable breeding. It also makes it possible to respond to the challenges of livestock professionals, who are increasingly faced with persistent and recurring pathologies. This is linked to the massive and systematic use of antibiotics in animal feed, thus creating antibiotic resistance.

Senebec, it is indicated, will intervene in the design and production of food, nutritional, vitamin and natural supplements. The company will also offer new ranges of products adapted to nutritional needs. Among them, needs in minerals and vitamins well known for their capital import.

According to Senebec CEO Daniel Ropert, the new products offered by its structure meet the criteria in terms of nutritional and therapeutic efficacy and the operating cost standards demanded by the livestock industry. In addition, the official indicated that Senebec will meet, on the Senegalese market, the needs of small breeders who lack technical and information support.

The manager informed that during the first 6 months, the staff of Senebec will meet the breeders. Then, the company will provide breeders with quality chicks via hatcheries located in their localities. Then the third phase will be dedicated to the manufacture of food with innovative procedures.

Founded in July 2020, the company operates in areas related to animal production, namely poultry farming, distribution and marketing of livestock feed. In its roadmap, the structure plans to conquer the West African market within a few years.


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