Togo: telephone operators (again) pinned by the regulator


The quality of service on the networks of Togo Cellulaire and Moov Africa Togo, the two mobile telephone operators in Togo, does not comply with the quality obligations set by the regulations. This is the “final” observation drawn up by Arcep, the regulatory authority for electronic communications and postal services, following an investigation carried out for the year 2021.

In a press release published to this effect, the regulator indicates that its investigation focused on the one hand, on voice service indicators such as voice quality, call cut rate, call success rate and, on the other hand, on data service indicators such as the download failure rate, the upstream speed and the downstream speed.

Arcep, which has become increasingly finicky since 2020 just after the privatization of the incumbent telecoms operator in November 2019, is not on its first outing against the two operators who have shared the market for several years. In July 2021, it opened a sanctioning procedure for serious breaches of service quality obligations against them.

Shortly before, Arcep had also condemned – even amended – Moov Africa Togo and Togo Cellulaire on several subjects including money transfer services, the validity of telephone credits and the practices of differentiating tariffs for intra-network and inter-network communications. -network.


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