Mali: opponent Oumar Mariko taken into custody

Arrested by the national gendarmerie for “insulting remarks” made against Prime Minister Choguel Kokalla Maiga, the Malian opponent Oumar Mariko was taken into police custody on Monday, December 6 in Bamako.

These are the aftermath of the social media post, two private chats that have gone viral in recent days. In the first recording that circulated last week, and attributed to the current Prime Minister, we hear the latter talking about Amadou Sanogo, the author of the March 2012 coup d’état against former President Amadou Toumani Touré. He explains that the soldier had escaped a real judgment on the merits in the case of the murdered Red Berets soldiers, because he held too many secrets on too many Malian politicians, and even on France which would have tried to assassinate the former coup leader. Depending on the content of the audio message, the authenticity of which has so far not been confirmed or informed.

In the process, the second recording, attributed to the opponent Oumar Mariko. The latter calls the current Prime Minister a “liar”. Adding to the fact that he almost hit him during an old quarrel.

Before going to his convocation Monday in the day, the one who was several times deputy denounced, in the media, a “judicialization of the current policy”, affirming that “these people (government of the transition, Editor’s note) want to repress until ‘to our anger’.


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