Guinea: UMS of Fadi Wazni shaken by a strike

United Mining Supply (UMS) of the SMB Winning consortium, which operates the mining logistics of this group, has been facing a workers’ strike since November 8. This caused a total halt in mining transport activities on these Port 1 and Port 2 sites in Kaboye, but also in Malapouya in the Boké region in north-western Guinea.

The strikers’ demands essentially revolve around six (6) points: the rehabilitation of the buses which transported staff to Boké; a 100% salary increase taking into account the categorization by seniority; the strict application of the Mines and Quarry agreement; the outright withdrawal of new HR measures for validation of employee bank loans to the bank; the rate reduction and revaluation of bank loans granted to workers, the non-negotiable departments of three managers of UMS-SMB-WAP in this case, Thierno Saadou Tall, Boké Project manager, Moussa Doumbouya, Bauxite Boké Transport manager, Yacine H, QHSSE Boké coordinator, etc.

At the end of the first negotiations with the general management of UMS, represented by Mohamed Bennani, the deputy general manager and Balla Camara, the human resources manager, the workers considered insufficient the concessions made by the company of the businessman Fadi Wazni (photo) had remained unmoved. These include the 10% for salaries between 2,300,000 GNF (230 euros) to 4,300,000 GNF (430 Euros) and 6% for salaries of 4,400,000 GNF (440 Euros) and more; the announcement by the company of the arrival of new Buses as of December 31, 2021 and the promise made to the workers to review the conditions of bank loans, etc …

Finally under the threat of a temporary cessation of activities, provided for by article 432.1 of the labor code, the Patriarch of Lower Guinea was called upon by Colonel Doumbouya, whose strikers had requested the involvement. Tearing off in extremis, a suspension of the strike and the resumption of UMS activities from this Wednesday, November 17.

Back from abroad last weekend, Fadi Wazni, whose presence had been made a condition for the continuation of negotiations, was announced at the end of the week in Boké.


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