Nigeria: Starsight Energy, first company to obtain carbon credit accreditation

Starsight Energy, West Africa’s leading commercial and industrial clean off-grid energy supplier, has become the first renewable energy company in Nigeria to achieve carbon credit accreditation.

It achieved certification by switching its customers’ power and cooling from predominantly diesel-based electricity to a combination of solar, battery and diesel hybrid systems.

With this certification, Starsight became the first renewable energy company to generate carbon credits from the CO2 emission reductions provided by the combination of solar production and energy efficiency initiatives in Nigeria.

The possibility of selling carbon credits should provide additional sources of income for Starsight.

The company helps reduce costs, improve productivity and promote better health outcomes, thereby making a concrete contribution to several of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 (UN SDGs), in particular the ODD7.

“This achievement strengthens Starsight’s position as a market leader in Nigeria’s renewable energy sector and a leader in sustainability,” commented Tony Carr, CEO of Starsight Energy.

As a reminder, Starsight provides complete end-to-end solar solutions and replaces inefficient air conditioners for customers to achieve net reductions in GHG emissions.


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