Senegalese Boubacar Camara appointed Deputy Director General of Benin Customs

Boubacar Camara, former Director General of Senegalese Customs, has been appointed Deputy Director General of Customs in Benin. His appointment was announced on October 27, 2021 in the Council of Ministers.

Of Senegalese nationality, Boubacar Camara was appointed Director General of Customs in May 2000. At the head of the institution, he had undertaken far-reaching reforms for modernization and a commitment to promote ethics. In 2006, he obtained availability and began consulting in customs and international trade. He travels to many African countries to share his experience.

He is also a doctor of law, State Inspector General on early retirement at his request, lawyer at the Paris Bar for willful omission, maritime expert, former Secretary General of the Ministry of International Cooperation, Infrastructures, Air Transport and Energy, among others. Boubacar Camara the Carex firm specializing in customs, international trade and public-private partnership.

In 2015, he took early retirement from the State Inspectorate General to devote himself to his private activities.

Boubacar Camara is the leader of the Senegalese political movement Jenggu. With this appointment, he puts his political activities on the back burner in his country where he founded his party to try, unsuccessfully, to run for the highest office in Senegal in 2019.


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