Maroc: Leila Serhan, Group Country Manager and Senior Vice President of Visa in charge of North Africa

Visa announces the appointment, on August 26, 2021, of Ms. Leila Serhan as Group Country Manager and Senior Vice President. Ms. Serhan will be responsible for leading Visa operations in the North Africa, Levant and Pakistan (NALP) region.

With over two decades of experience in various leadership roles (including 20 years with Microsoft) to her credit, Ms. Serhan most recently led Microsoft’s operations in the Gulf region. She previously served as Microsoft’s Managing Director for North Africa, Eastern Mediterranean and Pakistan. She had also held several positions in areas related to national management, finance and marketing, in addition to overseeing several digital transformation initiatives in the public and private sectors (finance, administration and education). Ms. Serhan is a strong supporter of women’s empowerment. She founded and currently chairs the Women in IT association in Lebanon.

Visa is a leader in the field of digital payment in the North Africa region, the Levant and Pakistan. The brand serves no less than 15 countries from five regional offices. Visa recently announced its intention to open a new office in Sudan, just one year after issuing the first Visa card in the market.


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