Cameroon: validation of a three-year investment program of 10 billion dollars

Cameroon is already planning for post-Covid economic recovery through the launch of the extended 2022-2024 budget programming conferences backed by Cameroon’s National Development Strategy (SND30). Under the triptych of “relevance, credibility and reliability”, the work in progress will make it possible to discuss the three-year programming of sectoral administrations, to analyze the performance associated with budget programming and to consolidate the entire Medium-term Expenditure Framework (CDMT ).

To complete the 854 ongoing projects, the State will have to invest FCFA 5,888 billion (approximately $ 10.5 billion) during the period under review, including FCFA 4,052 billion from external funding and FCFA 1,836 billion. in own resources. In accordance with the agreed timetable, the option is to maintain an average 30% investment in the State budget before reaching the expected objective of 40% by 2030. Based on the specifications, the implementation of this program focuses on the completion and commissioning of first-generation structuring projects, the delivery of projects related to the organization of the African Cup of Nations (CAN) scheduled for January- February 2022, the closure of the three-year emergency plan to accelerate growth, improve public spending and better rationalize the State’s financial commitments.

Presenting the main thrusts of this program, the Minister of the Economy, Planning and Regional Development Alamine Ousmane Mey said that “reliability refers to the need to produce budget information that is well understood and widely shared. The relevance relates to maintaining consistency between the strategic vision of SND30 and the operational budget dimension. Finally, credibility, because on it depends confidence inside and outside “.

In this perspective, the sorting work in progress will make it possible to include in the State budget only new programs whose maturity has been ensured and likely to encourage the mobilization of financial resources for their implementation. at the end of a clear and precise evaluation process.


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