Maroc: ONMT launches Operation Welcome Back


Today, Tuesday, June 15, 2021, the day the Moroccan skies reopen, the Moroccan National Tourist Office welcomed the first tourists and Moroccans from the world returning to the country. A “Welcome Back” operation to mark the effective resumption of international tourism activity.

Marrakech, June 15, 2021 – Today, Morocco reopens its skies to international flights. This is an important and hopeful moment for all tourism professionals who have been eagerly awaiting this event.

Also the ONMT wanted to mark the occasion by organizing a major “Welcome Back” operation at the international airport of Marrakech, one of the main ones in the Kingdom, also classified among the most beautiful airports in the world, which pays tribute to the great cultural heritage of Morocco.

International tourists, Moroccans from around the world, but also some international stars were thus received by a Morocco Team made up of Adel El Fakir, Director General of the ONMT, officials of the National Confederation of Tourism and the Regional Council of Tourism of Marrakech- Safi.

The ONMT also wanted to add a highly symbolic touch to this “Welcome Back” operation by involving all trades in the sector. Hotel concierges, receptionists, travel agents, housekeepers … trades from across the tourism value chain were also there, in uniform, to welcome this first flight.

A guard of honor on a red carpet was thus organized when getting off the plane with all these actors who are on the front line at the service of tourists throughout their stay. At the end of this guard of honor, a carved wooden door has been affixed to symbolize their entry into the Shereefian Kingdom of Morocco.

“We are particularly happy to be able to welcome once again travelers who come to visit our beautiful country. This ceremony is our way of symbolically celebrating the culmination of all the efforts made by national authorities and tourism stakeholders to revive and revitalize the tourism sector, ”said Adel El Fakir.

“For us, this ceremony also confirms that Morocco is ready to receive its visitors in the best conditions. The entire sector in all its components is mobilized, “he added.

With this operation, the ONMT officially marks the opening of the summer tourist season and symbolically materializes the weeks and months of hard work in order to guarantee the programming of Morocco as a global destination in the programs of its partners Tour operators and airlines. national and international.


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