INTELCIA celebrates its 20th anniversary and marks its commitment to serving its communities

  • We Dream, We care, We Do, 3 common values ​​of this celebration
  • 3 axes: Recognition, Solidarity, Transmission vis-à-vis our stakeholders
  • A book intended for the younger generations, designed as a tool for the Transmission of an inspiring model of success
    Founded in 2000, Intelcia has succeeded in two decades in transforming itself from a Moroccan SME into a global player in outsourcing. Now present on 3 continents (Africa, Europe, America), Intelcia has diversified its businesses even as it continues to expand its global footprint.

To mark these 20 years of great achievements, ambition, meetings, challenges taken up and sharing, Intelcia has decided to celebrate this anniversary in total consistency with its values, and around 3 strong axes: Recognition, Solidarity, Transmission.

A campaign focused on communities

First of all, Recognition, towards the collaborators, those from the beginning, and all those who have joined the Intelcia adventure over these 20 years. The Intelcia success story has always been written on a daily basis, thanks to their commitment, their achievements and their exceptional mobilization.

They have all contributed to bringing the Group to its global outsourcing status. On this occasion, a special 20-year challenge was launched and mobilizes all employees around the Group’s values. Ultimately, it will be a question of electing the Best Team, the Best Managers and also the Best Individuals Contributors, with important rewards. The challenges will revolve around related themes and therefore 3 Group values ​​with the aim of involving employees around strategic issues, with a “solution provider” posture.

The second axis concerns Solidarity, with the communities of the Intelcia ecosystem. As such, a partnership has just been concluded with the Moroccan Student Foundation (FME) to support students from disadvantaged backgrounds in their higher education. This partnership, which covers several student promotions, aims to give these young graduates every opportunity to develop skills and make their contribution to building the Morocco of tomorrow.

This new partnership is in addition to the skills sponsorship program put in place in favor of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Based on skills-based sponsorship, this initiative consists of supporting startups, social enterprises, associations, etc. by providing them with the Group’s expertise around its flagship businesses (customer relations, ITO, digital marketing, etc.) . Beyond solidarity, Intelcia works for the sustainability of an entrepreneurial structure. In Morocco, for example, Intelcia has set up for Kezakoo, a startup that operates in education, tools for managing and monitoring customer relations for its orientation and personal development activities with students. . Another scenario: Logidoo, a digital logistics platform that connects African countries and for which the Group has offered its expertise in customer service, also providing dedicated Intelcia resources to the project. Finally, Intelcia supports The Moroccan Magic, a social enterprise specializing in commercial support for cooperatives. Intelcia has created for this an online trading platform that gives greater visibility, nationally and internationally, to cooperative products.

The last axis of this celebration is Transmission. Intelcia has thus initiated the production of a book recounting the major stages of the Group’s development, its strategic choices, the opportunities and the challenges it has had to overcome. The ultimate goal of this book is to transmit to the younger generations, to entrepreneurs, an inspiring model of success. In other words, to help transmit by example a model of Moroccan success story open to the world and more particularly to the African continent, in a desire for South-South cooperation largely inspired by the dynamic initiated by Morocco.

The book will be available very soon. The Group is planning numerous actions with student communities, entrepreneurs, etc. to share with them the lessons of these 20 years of success.


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