BOAD grants a loan of 30 billion FCFA to the Burkinabé State for the construction and asphalting of the regional road n ° 11 (RR11) Kolinka-Fara-Poura Carrefour in Bukina Faso

Messrs Serge EKUE, President of the West African Development Bank (BOAD) and Lassané KABORE, Minister of Economy, Finance and Development of Burkina Faso signed a loan contract in the amount of 30 billion FCFA relating to the construction and asphalting project of Regional Road No. 11 (RR11) Kolinka-Fara-Poura Carrefour in Burkina Faso. Funding for this project was approved during the 123rd session of the BOAD Board of Directors which was held in May 2021.

Its purpose is to contribute to the strengthening of the economic integration of the Boucle du Mouhoun, Center-West and South-West Regions in Burkina-Faso by setting up modern infrastructures to improve security and the quality of life of citizens by reducing: i) travel time by around 60% on the axes concerned; ii) vehicle operating costs of around 40% from the first year of commissioning of the sections and iii) the number of traffic accidents of more than 50%.

The implementation of this project is perfectly in line with the vision expressed in the 2021-2025 strategic plan (called DJOLIBA) of the BOAD, whose axis 1 is to “contribute to the achievement of regional economic integration”.

This assistance brings to 684.5 billion FCFA, the total amount of BOAD commitments in Burkina, all sectors combined, including 217 billion in the basic infrastructure sector including the road infrastructure sub-sector.


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