Green Day Attijariwafa bank: “introduction to urban agriculture” On the occasion of World Environment Day

On the occasion of World Environment Day, celebrated every year on June 5, Attijariwafa bank organized, in collaboration with the association Toit En Vert *, a “Green Day” in the form of workshops, in order to discover urban agriculture to its employees and make them aware of its positive impact on the environment.

This event, which took place on one of the terraces of the Group’s Headquarters in Casablanca, is part of the Group’s approach undertaken for several years in terms of CSR and in the continuity of the campaign to raise employee awareness of environmental protection and their support for projects with a high environmental impact led by the Attijariwafa bank group.

Nearly 60 employees from the headquarters and network in Casablanca took part in introductory workshops on urban agriculture, during which they were introduced to techniques for greening roofs. These fun workshops allowed employees to discover, in an atmosphere of sharing and learning, gardening materials, varieties of seeds, different types of soil, potting soil, etc., to learn about the techniques of filling the containers. vegetable gardens and preparation of seedling trays, and thus install the Bank’s first urban vegetable garden.

Through this initiative, which has been very successful, the Attijariwafa bank group confirms its commitment to create sustainable shared value, through a CSR policy involving all of its stakeholders and aimed at supporting the development of an economy. sustainable, balanced, and environmentally friendly.


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