Senegal: BNDE signs a partnership agreement with LIMAK AIBD SUMMA (LAS) and AIBD Assistance Services (2AS)

BNDE, LAS and 2AS signed two agreements on Wednesday June 02, 2021, which mark the start of a strong partnership that is greatly appreciated by the three parties. Indeed, through these agreements, BNDE undertakes to support the two airport structures within the framework of the Economic and Social Resilience Program (PRES), set up by the State of Senegal, following the occurrence of the pandemic. COVID-19.

This partnership will also allow BNDE to have better visibility within AIBD with strategic locations. The Bank will thus be able to extend its network with automatic teller machines and dedicated offices in order to get closer to its customers. This meeting was the opportunity for the Director General of BNDE Mr. Thierno Seydou Nourou SY, to pay a visit to the premises of LAS and 2AS, in the company of their respective Directors General, Mr. Askin DEMIR and Mr. Tansu CIGEROGLU . A survey was also made at the level of the AIBD platform and the freight zone of the airport to study the possibilities of installing banking service points by the BNDE.

In addition, the BNDE, in the context of supporting the post-COVID-9 economic recovery of companies and the initiation of PAP 2A, strongly intends to support LAS and 2AS so that they carry out their missions. and thus strengthen the expansion of the airport sector in Senegal. The CEO of BNDE confirmed this with these comments: “You can count on us and as we have told you, we are committed to adopting a local approach. My door is open to you, any time at your convenience. Know that we are available and willing to support you in all your projects for the influence of the airport platform ”. The signing of these agreements will not only strengthen the operational capacities of these two strategic companies, but also allow BNDE to make a decisive contribution to the development of the important aeronautics sector.


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