Bilateral DRC-China trade reached USD 4.2 billion between January and April 2021

Bilateral trade between the Democratic Republic of Congo and China has reached 4.2 billion USD with annual growth of 4.6% between January and April 2021, Chinese Ambassador to the DRC Zhu Jing told reporters. June 2, 2021 at his residence in Kinshasa.

Soon to be 50 years old, Sino-Congolese cooperation and friendship are going “wonderfully,” he said. On the bilateral trade front, the Chinese diplomat said that in 2020, the two countries achieved 19 billion USD with a surplus of 5 billion in favor of the DRC. Compared to 2015, Chinese investments have achieved growth for 6 years. Sino-Congolese cooperation is materializing, moreover, with the various infrastructures financed by Chinese companies.

In terms of health, China has set up a system for all Congolese nationals residing in China in order to be vaccinated voluntarily and free of charge. She also offered her vaccines to the Congolese authorities for which discussions are underway.

China, which has offered its vaccines to some 40 African countries valued at USD 2 million, is ready to offer USD 3 million to support developing countries after the Covid-19 crisis. It has donated 300 million doses of vaccine to the international community through Covax, Ambassador Zhu Jing said.


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