The SOAGA ÉPARGNE ACTIONS FCP ends its first financial year with a performance of 27.26%

At the end of its first financial year, on April 30, 2021, the FCP SOAGA EPARGNE ACTIONS recorded a performance of 27.26%. This performance, achieved while the market has alternated between bearish and bullish trends, confirms the relevance of the choice of SOAGA, to launch an equity fund in a bearish context.

For Mr. Dally GOTTA, manager of the equity fund, this performance is a source of satisfaction, as this fund is part of SOAGA’s vision of offering its savers dynamic and competitive products.
The SOAGA ÉPARGNE ACTIONS FCP is a fund accessible to all. Units initially valued at FCFA 5,000 are now trading at FCFA 6,363. In addition, it offers the saver better liquidity than directly holding shares.
Referring to the outlook for the SOAGA ÉPARGNE ACTIONS FCP, optimism is in order given that the equity market is on the rise again. “The management team will take advantage of this favorable context to confirm the performance of the fund”.
As a sign of recognition of the quality of management, SOAGA was recently named best UCITS management company in 2021 at the BRVM Awards.

Established by decision of the Council of Finance Ministers of the West African Monetary Union (WAMU) in 1998, the West African Asset Management Company (SOAGA SA) is the first sub-regional financial institution specializing in the management of active.


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