Banque Malienne de Solidarité announces record profit in 2020

The Malian Solidarity Bank (BMS) achieved a record net income of 10.454 billion CFA francs for the year ended December 31, 2020, against 6.865 billion CFA francs in 2019, an increase of more than 50%. Figures communicated on April 12, 2021 during the 68th ordinary session of the Board of Directors.

“Despite the health crisis, the total balance sheet of the Malian Solidarity Bank rose from 841 billion CFA francs in 2019 to 1,004 billion CFA francs in 2020, an increase of 19.38%. We are recording unparalleled performance on all indicators, “said Ousmane Babalaye Daou, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The Malian Solidarity Bank has also consolidated its position and garnered market share. Its market share increased by 1.41 points from 17.88 to 19.29%. An increase following an increase in overall resources which amounted to 893 billion F CFA as of December 31, 2020, including 694 billion F CFA of customer resources, against 747 billion F CFA in 2019, including 549 billion F CFA. This corresponds to a 26.49% increase in customer resources. “With these results, the BMS goes from second to first place according to the customer resources indicator in 2020”, according to Alou Coulibaly, its managing director.

In this regard, jobs amounted to 623 billion F CFA in 2020, against 537 billion F CFA in 2019, an increase of 86 billion F CFA. This result confirms, according to the management, the place of the BMS in terms of contribution to the financing of the national economy.

In terms of prospects for 2021, the Malian Solidarity Bank plans to strengthen its stable resources by seeking new lines of credit at lower cost from international institutions.


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