Oil & Gas/Senegal: The Mauritanian Company SEPCO is building the Liquid Mud Plant in Dakar.

Mr. Joe Rainey, President Halliburton for the Eastern Hemisphere has just paid a visit to the Liquid Mud Plant (LMP) built by the Mauritanian company Sepco Industries at the port of Dakar. Mr. Rainey and his delegation visited the plant site, welcoming the progress made in the ongoing construction work.

This 03-year contract for the construction and rental of 20,000 bbl LMP was awarded to SEPCO Industries Senegal in July 2020. The LMP will support the drilling campaign scheduled for the second quarter of 2021 for the development of the SNE field. This drilling campaign was entrusted to Halliburton by Woodside.

With its presence in Mauritania and Senegal, SEPCO Industries sets the example of regional integration par excellence while providing specialized engineering services that have long been the preserve of foreign firms.


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