Niger: Mohamed Bazoum speaks with Emmnanuel Macron

The confirmation by the Constitutional Court of Niger, on March 21, of the victory of Mohamed Bazoum at the head of the country with more than 55.6% of the vote convinced Emmanuel Macron to take his phone to congratulate his counterpart. During this meeting, the French president particularly praised the “peaceful transition of power” with President Mahamadou Issoufou and the “historic” nature of the transition in this country.

In addition to the violence that punctuated the ballot, these results are however contested by Mahamane Ousmane, opponent of the second round at the head of the Democratic and Republican Renewal (RDR-Tchanji). At a press conference on the evening of March 22, the former head of state challenged the final results and called for a peaceful demonstration across the country. The latter particularly deplores the non-examination of his appeals by the Constitutional Court. During the same telephone conversation, Emmanuel Macron also assured himself of the loyalty of the new strongman in Niamey to support the security policy of the fight against terrorism in the Sahel. Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mohamed Bazoum will officially take office on April 2.


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