Côte d’Ivoire : commercial enterprises in the red zone in 2020

The turnover index (ICA) of commercial enterprises shows a decrease of 14.8% in 2020 compared to 2019, according to a document from the National Institute of Statistics (INS) of Côte d’Ivoire consulted on Tuesday March 23.

This instrument, which measures the evolution of sales of commercial enterprises tax-free, highlighted the edifying fall of wholesaling and intermediary activities, which recorded a rate of -17.6%. It was also a mixed year for semi-wholesale businesses, which also fell with a rate of -4.6%.

This negative period in the sector, which does not also spare car and motorcycle repair companies (-2.1%), is induced by the effects of the health crisis of Covid-19, whose restrictive measures have weighed on the market. activity of several companies. However, the third quarter of 2020 saw a rise in these companies, particularly those in the retail trade (+ 5.1%) and auto repair companies (13.3%).


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