The faces of female emancipation in Africa

From left to right: Lydie Hakizimana, CEO of the Pan African Institute of Mathematical Sciences (AIMS), Rwanda. At the top, Saloua Karkri Belkeziz, President of Inetum Africa (Morocco), Ingrid Marina Swagath Leyoubou (Gabon), Dany Cécile Kanyeba Nyembwe (DRC). In the second row: Djindah Mohamed el Moustapha Bal (Mauritania), Limda Awesso (Togo) and Bamba Maférima M’Bahia (Ivory Coast).

Throughout the day of March 8, Financial Afrik will present to you women leaders from different backgrounds and who each represent the face of female emancipation and the progress made on the complex issue of gender equality in the business world.

From Saloua Karkri Belkeziz, Africa President of Inetum, to Ms. Bamba Maférima M’Bahia, Deputy Director of Taxes of Côte d’Ivoire, via Lydie Hakizimana, CEO of the Pan-African Institute of Mathematical Sciences (AIMS), or even Djindah Mohamed El Moustapha Bal, vice president of the Union for the Republic (UPR), the ruling party in Mauritania, the observation is the same: in terms of the emancipation of women, the achievements are real but the progress that remains to be done are immense. “In 2020, women represented on average (globally) 4.4 percent of business leaders, 16.9 percent of board members, 25 percent of national parliamentarians and 13 percent peace negotiators ”, noted Maria Nadolu in her editorial dedicated to the day of March 8. Each of his women spoke on the issue from their perspective and environment. The complete file can also be read in the monthly Financial Afrik of March 15th.


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