BRVM: CEA wants to support the stock market

The Executive Secretary of the African Economic Commission (ECA), Dr Vera Songwe, has shown her institution’s desire to work with the Regional Stock Exchange (BRVM), in order to boost automation, especially among women. Which has become, according to her, the mark of excellence in the face of Covid-19.

Speaking, Monday March 8, 2021, by videoconference as part of the “Ring the bell for gender” initiative of the Abidjan-based stock exchange, included in the agenda of the International Women’s Day, the representative of the ECA makes it clear that Agenda 5 (gender) of the Sustainable Development Goals is one of the most important. But, “the current context of the health crisis linked to the coronavirus does not favor it”, deplores Vera Songwe. Before affirming that it is imperative to find the means for the financing of women on the continent. Because this layer of the population is also not lacking in innovation and dynamism.

If we are to believe, we use the stock market to gain access to funding. But, she notes, this pattern is difficult in Africa. “(So) we are by your side and want to work with you. Listing situations are restrictive and difficult without forgetting sometimes the lack of transparency in certain stock exchanges. Fortunately, this is not the case for the Brvm, “said Vera Songwe speaking to the BRVM and its managing director Edoh Kossi Amenounve.

Born from the Sustainable stock exchange initiative concept, the annual event “Ring the bell for gender equality” is in its 7th edition, with the theme: “female entrepreneurship : a vector of participation and leadership of women in economic development ”. The objective, according to the BRVM, is to raise awareness among financial market players about gender equality, the economic potential of women and the importance of their action in the financial sector for sustainable development.


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