Port of Tanger Med Morocco, new giant of the seas

The Port of Tangier Med in Morocco is now one of the top 25 container ports in the world, according to a ranking established by Alphaliner, the merchant marine newspaper.

According to the recently published 2020 ranking of the best ports in the world, the Tanger Med port has gained 7 places compared to 2019 and becomes 24th in 2020. In 2018, it was ranked 48th.

The document reveals that the Mediterranean port achieved a TEU traffic of 5,771,221 in 2020 against 4,801,710 in 2019, an increase of 20.2%.

In addition, the ranking, which was based on TEU traffic, revealed the top 5 best ports in the world. These are respectively the port of Shanghai which experienced growth of 0.5%, the port of Singapore (-0.9), Ningbo-Zhoushan (+ 4.4%), Shenzen (+ 3%) Guangzhou- Nansha (-0.2%).

Located on the Strait of Gibraltar, with a processing capacity of up to 9 million containers, Tanger Med is an industrial-port complex.


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