Cameroon: digitization of procedures at Yaoundé airport


The official launch of the services of this digital platform took place on December 29, 2020 under the auspices of the Single Window of Foreign Trade Operations (GUCE-GIE).

This is the result of a successful pooling of services between different administrations. In particular, the Single Window for Foreign Trade Operations (GUCE-GIE); the National Council of Shippers of Cameroon (CNCC); Cameroon Postal Services (Campost) and YUP of Société Générale du Cameroun (SGC). From now on, it is therefore possible that all foreign trade procedures are done directly and digitally within the Yaoundé-Nsimalen international airport, in particular through the e-GUCE platform.

This platform, whose services are now effective, enables importers and exporters to carry out online formalities, but also provides enhanced assistance to operators who, for the moment, number 450, according to CNCC figures. .

Among the formalities that can be carried out online by foreign trade operators, through the e-GUCE platform, we can cite, among others, the electronic payment of customs duties and taxes through the Campost and YUP digital channels; the procedure for obtaining the BESC online, but also the online pre-clearance phase.

This is, it is explained, the phases of transactions (establishment of the import declaration and the bank domiciliation), then the dispatch (harmonized insurance certificate and the establishment of the report on value and tariff classification if the DI is submitted). For the optimization of all these procedures within Yaoundé-Nsimalen International Airport, a facilitation office is open there for any assistance.

Among other benefits expected from this digitalization of formalities, said the Director General of GUCE, Isidore Biyiha, the reduction of physical flows within this airport platform. The course of online procedures, it is explained, limiting human movements. All things that fluidify workspaces and participate in barrier measures related to the response against COVID-19, while promoting good governance. The other advantages are the securing of State and partner revenue, as well as the reduction of formalities.


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