Cameroon: a Madoff from the tropics in detention

Cameroonian Calvin Mebenga had succeeded in record time in subscribing nearly 10,000 people in the cities of Yaoundé and Douala in investments in exchange for high returns.

At the head of the company Mekit Invest, the Bernard Madoff of the tropics offered his clients to invest sums of money in terms of investment that he remunerated at rates of up to 15% per week over a period of 21 month. The first phase of operations seemed to attract a lot of clients until the promoter was no longer able to pay the interest promised to its subscribers.

Thus, on September 11, several subscribers, tired of waiting for their weekly interest payments, stormed the premises of Calvin Mebenga’s company in Yaoundé to demand their repayments. Shaken by suspicion, the house of cards finally collapsed on December 4. The boss of the Mekit Invest company was then placed in detention in the premises of the Cameroonian gendarmerie.

According to several sources, one of Mekit Invest’s activities was to trade crypto values. In other words, the sale and purchase of cryptocurrencies. Aggravating circumstance, Calvin Mebenga’s company did not have an authorization from the Financial Market Supervisory Commission (COSUMAF).

Following the investigation opened by the Cameroonian judicial authorities, Jean Calvin Mebenga was interviewed on several occasions by the police and the gendarmerie who decided to place him in detention for organized fraud.


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