USA: Donald Trump, the last rout, the great disillusion

Unsuccessful in his appeal in Pennsylvania by a judge he had nevertheless appointed, defeated by the popular vote (80 million votes for Biden against 74 million for him) and crushed by the choice of the large voters (306 for the Democratic party against 232 for the Republican Party), Donald Trump continues to reject his defeat. “If you look at what’s going on. You really have to watch what’s going on. They find huge gaps in the votes. No one believes these numbers. These digits are incorrect numbers. Many incorrect figures have already been reported, ”he said angrily on Thanksgiving Day, November 26, to reporters.

Like a general who has lost all his infantry on the battlefield, Donald Trump, assailed by irrefutable figures from all sides and surrounded by independent judges, still believes in a miracle. No Waterloo that is valid for the one who in recent days seems to be gradually breaking away from factual reality to turn, through tweets, into a modern-day prophet with his promise “Make America Great Again” who, while waiting to come true, has reduced the world’s first democracy to that of Yaya Jammeh’s Gambia or Robert Gei’s Côte d’Ivoire.

In his defense, Donald Trump has made a small way out, saying he will leave the White House if the US electoral college votes for the Democratic President-elect on December 14 at its meeting. And then protest after having treated the media as vectors of fake news: “This election was rigged”, yet another unproven statement that makes the press around the world smile. “Massive fraud has been observed. We are like a third world country, ”says Trump, who firmly believes that by the time of his opponent’s inauguration on January 20, a lot will happen. We will surely have forgotten, in any case, the term #DiaperDon, which rages on Twitter by making a parallel between the American president and a baby and which one could translate by #DonaldEnCouche.

Angry with Twitter against which he threatens to change the law to make social networks responsible for the continuous broadcast by their channels, Donald Trump violently attacked a journalist from Reuter guilty of asking him if he accepted his defeat: “I forbid you to speak to me in that tone. You’re just a jerk. Never speak to the president in this tone. I am the President of the United States. Never talk to the president like that ”. And since the hashtag referring to the president’s anger, #TrumpTantrum, contends for the top trending spot with #DiaperDon.


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