Intelcia IT Solutions is expanding in Cameroon and Côte d’Ivoire

African development will create centers of competence
First phase of development: e-gov projects, banking & telecom sectors
Start of activities since August 2020
Launched in January 2020, Intelcia IT Solutions -ITS- is continuing its development by setting up in Cameroon and Ivory Coast. This deployment comes in response to the Group’s desire to invest in the IT services market in West Africa, but also to the growing need of international groups, particularly Moroccan groups, to have a multi-country outsourcer capable of supporting them in their development.

Specialized in the outsourcing of IT solutions, Intelcia IT Solutions aims to establish new centers of competence in accordance with international standards. Specialized by technology, these centers capitalize on the processes and standards built in Morocco for more than 10 years on network, security and cloud outsourcing, and application development.

Intelcia ITS will continue, through these competence centers, to grow its portfolio of solutions. Indeed, Intelcia ITS software packages have been able to meet the urgent needs of organizations’ dematerialization, in particular in the current context. The successful experience with the Kingdom of Morocco will be used to build solutions adapted to other African countries.

During the period of confinement due to Covid-19, several tools have been developed to allow public administrations the continuity of their activities. In total, more than 500 administrations have benefited from paperless solutions. The « Purchasing Portal » enabled continuity of public and private purchases through a fully digital tender process, from preparation to opening of envelopes. The order « e-office » enabled the sending and reception of mail and the acceleration of validation circuits in full containment, and the « e-parapheur » a continuity of decision-making processes in companies.

« For our new establishments in Sub-Saharan Africa, we aim to support institutions in their e-gov projects, as well as local and pan-African companies. We have the agility and the will to adapt to the regulatory and cultural specificities of the countries where we are present, ”says Malika Ahmidouch, director of the Intelcia IT Solutions division.

In a first phase, IITS therefore targets public administrations, banks and telecoms, before addressing in a second phase all sectors of the economy. Intelcia ITS aims to follow the same path as the Group, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa. Today, IITS achieves 50% of its turnover internationally and employs 200 people. By 2025, the IT division plans to reach 2,000 employees, and offer a unique African footprint.


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