Afrique du sude: SA Airlink is changing

16/08/2015. Passangers seen board the the first commercial flight operated by SA Airlink out of Wonderboom National Airport to Cape Town International Airport Picture: Masi Losi

Private regional airline SA Airlink announced its new corporate identity on Tuesday, October 27. It will now be called “Airlink”, a change that comes as part of a strategy to distinguish itself as a fully independent company.

In a statement, the structure said earlier this year that it had ended its 23-year franchise agreement with South African Airways. The carrier has even already started operating and issuing tickets with its own code and area code “4Z”.

The move, she says, freed Airlink and allowed it to forge commercial ties with other international airlines that transport passengers and cargo to southern Africa. Airlink said it has since signed interline agreements with Qatar Airways, Emirates, British Airways, KLM, Air France and United.

For AirLink CEO Rodger Foster, the name change will be a key element in the development of the company’s strategy. The official maintained that the company is now a financially sound company that will soon reveal its new brand image.

Rodger Foster also said AirLink has taken advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic and containment to take a new approach to give the company new momentum.

Private regional airline operating under code 4Z with a fleet of “more than 50 airliners” (the largest of which is the Embraer E190), Airlink carried nearly 2 million customers in 2019, according to official statistics. Its travels are made on more than 63,000 flights, on 55 routes between 39 destinations in nine African countries and on the island of Saint Helena.


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