DRC: FPI and 2 Egyptian companies sign 2 action plans for structuring projects in Grand Kasai

A mixed delegation from DR Congo (Presidency of the Republic, Ministry of Industry, Industry Promotion Fund and other state structures), which arrived in Cairo on September 15, 2020, signed two action plans with two Egyptian companies, Saturday September 19, 2020.
The signing of these plans, which relate to the finalization of technical studies for the development of Grand Kasai, took place between three parties.
They are the Director General of the FPI, Patrice Kitebi also contracting authority for the DRC, the two Egyptian companies Hassan Allam and Samcrete (responsible for carrying out the engineering works on the ground) as well as the Kosovar consultants represented by Grand International Group, who had carried out the feasibility studies in the field.
The three parts will complete the studies to deepen them in order to present, in the next few days, final feasibility studies.
Thus, a schedule of complementary activities to be carried out in the field having been defined, the CEO of the FPI, Patrice Kitebi expressed his conviction in the rapid materialization of these projects, after the finalization of all the procedures related to the procurement in accordance with the DRC laws.
“Everything we’ve done so far is just papers. The fate of the people will not change with papers. It is absolutely necessary to go to the concrete. Strategies have been decided. We know exactly what remains to be done so that from March 2021, the sections of road can begin to be carried out, ”he said.
“At the FPI level, we are ready. When we get home, we will begin to implement our obligations. So that additional field missions to collect missing data can take place, ”he reassured.
As far as they are concerned, Egyptian companies have expressed their satisfaction in working with the REIT.
“I believe that with all that we have just had as discussions, taking into account the strategies and actions put in place, it is possible that at the end of this year and the beginning of next year, we will be able to achieve works in Kinshasa, ”said Sheriff Nazmyest, Managing Director of Semcrete.
Then, the Congolese delegation began financial panels to seek capital from financial partners based in Egypt for the purpose of carrying out infrastructure projects in the DRC.
It emerges from these discussions that the financial organizations based in Egypt are ready to support the FPI in the implementation of these activities.
However, they expect the REIT to put in place a “Business Plan” based on the final feasibility studies with a view to initiating a win-win financial dialogue.
As part of the Accelerated Presidential Program to Fight Poverty and Inequalities, the FPI will pilot the construction of several structuring and industrializing infrastructure projects in Grand Kasai.
These are the Tshibasa Hydroelectric Power Station, the Port of Ndomba, the Mbuji-Mayi Water Treatment Plant, the construction of the Tshipuka Photovoltaic Power Plant and three road sections including the one linking Mbuji-Mayi to Kananga over a distance of 188 km.


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