Assa Djelou, the psychologist resisting despite COVID

The African diaspora continues to undertake despite the containment measures imposed in the world. By continuing their activities despite the risks, they contribute to the economic stability of states. Assa Djelou, native of Saint-Denis in the Paris region, and founder of his firm and the association Desire et Deviens, is a symbol of optimism and resistance. As her slogan indicates, she is « at our side when things get too tough ». Rudy Casbi

« The crisis of COVID-19 encourages us to adapt but we continue our consultations », says Assa Djelou, manager of a psychology practice and at the origin of the Désire et Deviens movement. In terms of organisation, the planning has also been lightened. « I optimised it to avoid having people in my waiting room. I take fewer patients but I continue to provide the service, » she explains. During the period of the fight against VIDOC-19 when the containment lasts, Assa Djelou and her team must prepare for the post-confinement period. « In France, we have been confined since mid-March. This should continue and the psychological traumas will be quite significant because of the negative effect that confinement has on the population, » she analyses.

Assa Djelou, an entrepreneur with philanthropic virtues

At the head of his firm and the association Desire et Deviens, Assa Djelou wishes to have an impact on the young people of the African diasporas in France . And not only. « This period is conducive to a questioning of our functioning. Everyone must be an entrepreneur in his or her life with a spirit of mutual aid and solidarity », she says with a twinkle in her eye. With Désire et Deviens, Assa Djelou enables young people in loss of dynamism, unemployed people to benefit from a network and consultation at a reduced price within her practice. « My ambition has always been to serve and have an impact on my environment. It’s the driving force of my life and that’s what drove me to undertake, » she says.

Assa Djelou, the human being at the heart of her ambition

In the near future, Assa Djelou from the Paris region has no lack of ambitions. « My goal is to build a large network to contribute to the development of a large number of people, » she says. Assa Djelou thus becomes a reference in her field because, as she says so well: « there is a major difference between succeeding in life and succeeding in life ». And on this question, Assa Djelou has long since made up her mind.


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