Tiwara: The skills on all these aspects

The market for visual communication is growing on the continent. In the West African sub-region, Tiwara Communication is laying the stones of a seemingly limitless building. And the sector’s growth prospects are promising.

This is one of those entrepreneurs that SMEs are counting on to develop their brand image. The founder of Tiwara Communication, is never short of initiatives to boost the image of companies. « Tiwara attaches particular importance to each of its clients. From graphic identity to the deployment of a unique strategy specific to each company, we are committed to making you a must-have in your target markets, » she explains. The company, which is recognized in its field, is reaping the rewards of its expertise. But maturing has been a long process with a sometimes winding path. « Initially, I offered Ramadan baskets, each basket bearing the name of an African mask. The basket named Tiwara was the most expensive and still the most ordered. I would not continue without thanking Diamond Bank Benin who, through their orders, encouraged me to formalise my activity.In a tribute to their contribution, I named my company ‘Tiwara’, » she says. Then she concludes: « That’s how Tiwara was born in August 2013. An African pride whose starting point was an event, but which was distinguished by the graphic design, communication and 360° marketing ». This must be said that after eight years of training and apprenticeship at Saphir communication, under the benevolent wing of Karine Gbaguidi K. « An exceptional director, a leader, my little mummy, I received the best supervision ». This is therefore around a rich background that she is developing her vision. She intends to blow out Tiwara’s 8th candle very soon.

Marketing: a real business

The first country that opened its doors to her was Senegal. And Dakar occupies a special place in his heart. « Business opportunities were much more favourable in Senegal than in Benin, given the number of new companies being created, which is constantly growing, » says Tiwara’s management. Since then, this entrepreneur has multiplied services. This is in this spirit that afrographistes.com was out of the ground. While Tiwara offers a real close accompaniment over a longer period of time, afrographistes.com focuses essentially on the heart of the product. « Through afrographistes.com we offer to project holders, to small businesses, to those who have projects but whose the financial ressources are limited. A quality work is always provided but with a limited number of corrections for a delivery in a rather short time », she describes us. With Tiwara, clients are followed in a meticulous relationship and generally on projects that are rather heavy and imposing, whereas afrographistes.com is an e-commerce model: filling out online forms, online payment, delivery of projects within 7 to 15 days following the project. And the results far exceed expectations. Started last October, the test phase was quite conclusive. « Soon, we had a dozen logos and websites. And because of the success, I decided to mobilize a team of nine people on afrographistes.com » is how the management sums up the project. A success which is not denied with a turnover in constant growth.

Nappyzines: For the valorization of an Africa proud of its values and its identity

Africa should be proud of itself. It is this philosophy that all our employees share: « We have designed a magazine to promote black and natural beauty. The objective, which is entirely social, is to make the African population, and more particularly women, proud of themselves. My conviction is simple and clear, the black woman is beautiful, intelligent and does not need any hairs relaxers or depigmentating products. We want African proud women of their natural values, this magazine is a compendium of testimonials, advices, tips and good addresses. And because a proud woman must be able to look good and defend herself though thick and thin, we also have the 3PF column, which stands for Prise de Parole en Public au Féminin (Public Speaking for Women). Self-confidence takes the place of strippers and relaxers. That was a successful strategy. On average, each issue of our magazine is downloaded 5,000 times in digital format, free of charge. Our Nappyzine site is about twenty downloadable magazines, almost two years of pleas for black and natural beauty. The fight looks enough long and strong.


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