Gabon: Petronas Announces Positive Signs on Oil and Gas Discovery

The local subsidiary PC Gabon Upstream S.A of the Malaysian firm Petronasa announces that it has recorded positive first signs on its deepwater oil and gas discovery well.

By Achille Mbog Pibasso

The outlook looks bright for the Malaysian oil company engaged in hydrocarbon exploration at Boudji-2, on the Likuale F14 block. The company announced the discovery of deep-sea oil and gas with a potential standard.

In a statement, the company points out that “based on the work we have done, we believe that there are additional opportunities in the deepening of the F14 block before the salt, where we see additional potential for oil and the tank, “said Vice President of Exploration, Emeliana Rice-Oxley.

According to the oil giant who also revealed the existence of drilling plans on neighboring blocks of Gabon, the Boudji-1 discovery well was drilled on block F14 at Likuale in 2800 meters of water, reaching 90 meters of sand high grade bituminous oil containing hydrocarbons in the Gamba and Dentale horizons.

“We see a lot of opportunities to test many targets that can be accessed by the same rig. A perspective on the radar of the F13 is called Jove Marine, located about 50 kilometers northwest of Boudji. It is larger than Budji on the air plane, at least twice as large as Boudji in terms of area and it is also located at water depths less than 700 meters, “he said.

Following this success, it is said, Petronas was awarded last August two other blocks in the region, F12 (Yitu) and F13 (Meboun), both ascending of Boudji. New allocations that augur an improvement in oil and gas production in Gabon whose hydrocarbon potential represents more than 80% of the country’s resources.


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