The communicating Binta Sagna is no longer

Binta Sagna, serving Africa. (RIP).

Founder of the Senegauloises public relations agency, Binta Sagna was found dead on 7 August 2019 in her Brussels apartment. The police reportedly found a natural death. Passionate about Africa, this Franco-Senegalese (hence the name of her agency) was ranked in December 2018 among « the 50 experts who make the difference » by the Africa Communications Leadership 2018 report. A distinction that was added to others for the one that invited the media to distinguish between information and communication. Binta Sagna was also ranked in 2017 among the continent’s 365 leaders by the South African magazine Tropic Media.

On this occasion, she made a poignant statement: « Born of Senegalese parents immigrants in France in the 60s, The Senegalese that I am (the name of my agency) dreamed big, money was never my motivation first or getting rich, of course it makes life easier nowadays, but rather to understand how the world works as « influencing » My mother worked for 20 years for a millionaire whom I observed a lot being small, a man with a vision, strategies and a network of important influence. My Senegalese immigrant father made his niche at the Louvre Museum for 30 years opening doors for me in the very closed world of art; all these elements have ineluctably changed my vision of life both in my professional choices and the weaving of my entourage, I can only thank them for these blessings.

At the service of Africa in her professional and militant life, she had participated in the Petition to Naturalize the Senegalese Tirailleurs initiated by Aissata Seck, Assistant Mayor in Bondy.


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