Morocco hosts the 1st annual meeting of the Association of African Authorities of Insurance Control (3ACA)

The Moroccan Authority of Control of the Insurance and the Social Providence (ACAPS), organizes on March 31st and April 1st, in partnership with the Association of the African Authorities of Control of the Insurance (3ACA), the 1st annual meeting of this association which brings together regulators and supervisors from the insurance sector in all African countries.

3ACA arose from the desire of the African insurance supervisory authorities to coordinate their actions and set up a partnership and cooperation framework aimed at strengthening the supervision of the insurance industry, the development of markets, the protection of the insured and the contribution to the financial stability of the continent.

An active member of 3ACA, ACAPS has a very active and proactive South-South cooperation policy.

Thus several partnership agreements (technical assistance, exchange of expertise and knowledge, coordination of regulatory and supervisory actions) have been concluded with African counterparts: CIMA (Interafrican Conference of Insurance Markets), ARCA (Regulatory Authority and of Insurance Control – Democratic Republic of Congo), General Directorate of the Treasury of Madagascar, CGA (General Council of Insurance of Tunis), etc.


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