Allianz Africa begins transformation of its central IT system in Ghana

Allianz Africa announces the launch of Allianz Business System (ABS) in Ghana, a way to realize the transformation of its IT platform on the continent.

Adapted to the African market, the system is now operational in the country and currently concerns auto insurance products.

This system provides 360-degree vision to customers and business partners through a single platform. The modularity of the system makes it easier to adapt to the requirements and processes of the markets in which Allianz Africa operates, “notes the group’s press release.

“ABS will transform the way Allianz does business in Africa by enabling us to be more productive and give our African customers a superior experience. It has also been adapted to support mobile money transactions, which is a unique way to buy insurance in Africa, “said Delphine Traoré Maïdou, General Manager of Operations and Member of the Allianz Africa Regional Executive Board. .

The first phase of ABS deployment for Allianz Ghana is auto insurance and will be extended to other insurance products and to other countries in 2019 and 2020.

As a reminder, rather in the month, the group launched an operational center in Abidjan to steer the transformation of the company and improve the service delivered to its customers and partners.

In 2018, Allianz posted a total turnover of 131 billion euros and an operating profit of 11.5 billion euros.


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