Chad: Sudano-Chadian company to manage fiber optics

The technical, commercial and financial management of the Ndjamena-Adré optical fiber network has been entrusted to SUDATCHAD. Meeting in Council of Ministers on March 26, 2019, the Chadian government endorsed this choice. A decision that gives the opportunity to this company the right to deploy for the installation of optical fiber across the country, supporting the draft decree relating thereto, approving the concession agreement signed on August 28, 2018 between the two parts.

The government explained that the draft decree “is in line with the broad program launched by the Ministry for the implementation of broadband fiber optic infrastructure to connect Chad to international networks and to interconnect the chief towns. provinces and departments in order to make broadband Internet accessible throughout the national territory.

According to the Ministry of Posts, New Technologies of Information and Communication, the Ndjamena-Adré fiber optic network entrusted to SUDATCHAD is nearly 800 km long. Apart from the fact that this infrastructure should give a boost to the development and modernization of telecommunications in the country, the option taken by the authorities also aims to make the infrastructure quickly profitable, as it is true that the sector of new technologies information and communication are among those that boost growth.


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