Congo Business Network creates a strategic committee to better act in the diaspora and in Africa

Congo Business Network has created a strategic committee to assist it in achieving its mission, which is to connect professionals and entrepreneurs in the diaspora in order to take action and contribute to the economic development of Congo.

In the diaspora, the committee is made up of these professionals and entrepreneurs:

Noel K. Tshiani, President at Agere Global and Founder of Congo Business Network based in New York; Hervé Kozikila, Director of Operations at BNP Paribas based in Hong Kong; Marc Luanghy, President at Intellectual Property Management Service and Expert in Intellectual Property Law based in Geneva; Sylvain Tshibwabwa, Co-Founder of OFC Network and Expert in Blockchain based in Montreal; Donatien Tshamala, President at Tshamala Consulting and Expert in Cybersecurity based in Ottawa; Charles Mbuya, Chief Financial Officer at Menji Consulting and Expert in Infrastructure Management based in Ottawa; and Fabrice Ntompa Ilunga, President of the Junior Chamber of Congo-Kinshasa in Quebec based in Montreal.

In Congo, the committee is made up of these professionals and entrepreneurs:

John Nsana Kanyoni, Managing Director at Metachem and Vice-President of the Chamber of Mines at the Federation of Congolese Companies based in Goma; Bonny Maya, CEO at based in Kinshasa; François Kakese, Manager at Deloitte Specialized in Advice and Risk Advisory based in Kinshasa; François Mpuila, Deputy Director of Studies at the Industry Promotion Fund and Expert in Regional Integration based in Kinshasa; Renedieu Kipoyi, Mentor at The Tony Elumelu Foundation and Founder of the Global Entrepreneurship Conference Program based in Kinshasa.

The main purpose of the strategic committee will be to develop the network’s strategy in the diaspora and in Congo. The objectives of the network are to:

Mobilize its supporters to regularly promote business opportunities in Congo; get the diaspora involved in economic and social development projects in Congo; and put the expertise of its supporters into initiatives that contribute to the advancement of professional life. Congo Business Network is an international network of Congolese professionals and entrepreneurs.

Fiston Mahamba from POLITICO.CD


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