Legal Tech, a major innovation for entrepreneurs and African economies

The online conference organized by Congo Business Network, Legal Tech Africa and Tribune Justice took place via Cisco WebEx on February 16, 2019, from 18:00 to 20:00 Paris time on the theme: « Legal Tech: its advantages for success in business in Africa. »

Confirmation of participation took place on LinkedIn Events, where 590 people overwhelmingly confirmed their willingness to participate in this international event whose objective was to bring together entrepreneurs who have experience in business in the diaspora and in Africa.

According to the program, each speaker spoke on a topic based on his expertise by analyzing the current environment of the Legal Tech infrastructure in a country. The goal was to demonstrate how Legal Tech can provide benefits to investors, multinationals, start-ups and the public sector in African countries. Speakers concluded that Legal Tech is a major innovation that will contribute to the emergence of the formal sector and job creation in many countries in Africa, including Congo Kinshasa, Cameroon and Côte d’Ivoire.

Noel K. Tshiani, president of Agere Global, based in New York; Stéphane Engueleguele, associate director at Dike Avocats, based in Paris; Gibran Freitas, co-founder of Legal Tech Africa, based in Paris; Junior Luyindula, CEO of, based in Kinshasa; Ghislain Kuitchoua, managing director at Tribune Justice, based in Douala; Youssouf Ballo, CEO of Legafrik, based in Abidjan; Walid Ghanemi, CEO of Legal Doctrine, based in Algiers; and Ruddy Mukwamu, CEO of Pluritone, based in Johannesburg, were speakers at this innovative and ambitious event.

Online events have three goals:  connect the diaspora to professionals and entrepreneurs in Africa; share knowledge and expertise in a sector of economic activity; and create real-time networking opportunities by video among participants on Cisco WebEx.

Partners and sponsors of this event included Vodacom Congo, Financial Afrik, Ingenious City, MaxiCash, Silikon Bantu and Movemeback, a London-based company that provides an online community for top professionals, entrepreneurs, leaders, thinkers and businesses interested in Africa. Ingenious City is an incubator platform and a co-working space that aims to bring together leading entrepreneurs in Congo.

The organization of this first online conference on Legal Tech with LinkedIn Events in Africa was led by Noel K. Tshiani, president of Agere Global. LinkedIn Events is a new digital system for organizing professional events. The network received exclusive access to this advanced technology despite its accessibility to date still being limited to very few entrepreneurs in San Francisco and New York.

Congo is one of five African countries that participated in this event alongside South Africa, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire and Algeria. In fact, this country is gigantic by numbers.  With 87 million inhabitants, according to McKinsey & Company’s statistics, it is the 4th most populous nation in Africa, behind Nigeria (190), Ethiopia (105) and Egypt (97). Spread over 2.34 million square kilometers, Congo is the second largest country in Africa by size after Algeria.

Congo Business Network is an international network of Congolese professionals and entrepreneurs. Legal Tech Africa is a legal support program for startup ecosystems in Africa. Tribune Justice is a digital portal dedicated to legal professionals in Africa and abroad.

Fiston Mahamba | POLITICO.CD


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