Niger: World Bank Provides 17 Billion FCFA for Youth Employment Project

On January 29, 2019, the Nigerian authorities inaugurated a youth employment project known as the Youth Employment and Productive Inclusion Project (PEJIP). It is financed by the World Bank to the tune of 30 million USD, or more than 17 billion FCFA and aims at the professional integration of 40 000 young people from 15 to 25 years.

30 000 young people among the beneficiaries will be selected in the poorest communes while the remaining 10 000 will come from municipalities at risk of insecurity, says one. The project will help Niger improve the quality of youth jobs, help diversify jobs and increase productivity.

It should be noted that the PEJIP is divided into three major axes: the first is devoted to the productive inclusion of young people in rural areas, the second focuses on the integration of young people into selected activities in urban and semi-urban areas and the last one concerns institutional support and project management.


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