Total will continue to « accompany the Congo in its development », according to its director Africa

French director Total's French director Guy Maurice and Denis Sassou Nguesso at the People's Palace (photo archives)

Total Africa’s director, Guy Maurice, told Brazzaville on 25 January 2019 that the group « will continue to support the Congo in its development ».

After an interview with President Denis Sassou N’Guesso, the manager has indeed declared that Total will invest more in the country and thus support it in its development. « During these 50 years of close cooperation with the Congo, Total has supported the Congo in its development. It has been present in each of the stages, the difficult and the easiest, « he said, adding that » this year of the jubilee will be placed under the sign of continuity « .

Recall that Total is committed to the eradication of gas flaring by 2030 in Congo and in the preservation of water through discharges of water at sea meeting the standards prescribed by the authorities of the country.

Aligning with this logic, Martin Deffontaines, the director of Total E & P Congo told the press that efforts will continue on this project. « Our dearest wish at the beginning of this year is to be able to work in the new zones, to explore, to look for hydrocarbons to be able to bring not only the company but also the Congolese State of the relays. growth for the future, « he added.

In 2018, Total produced nearly 200,000 barrels a day in Congo. A « very remarkable result, » commented Guy Maurice.


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