Togo: The South Korean Saemaul Foundation invests in an agropolis project

Sani Yaya, Togolese Minister of Economy and Finance, and Chang Doghee, President of the Saemaul Globalization Foundation

The Minister of Economy and Finance of Togo, Sani Yaya, and Chang Doghee, President of the Saemaul Globalization Foundation of South Korea signed on 18 January 2019 in Lome, a financing agreement of 2.7 billion FCFA to support an agropolis project that is entering its execution phase.

Indeed, the project had struggled to start in recent years. This Korean funding accelerates its implementation. The launch of the first site in Kara, about 420 km north of Lomé, is being announced.

In addition, the Saemaul Foundation is expected to provide expertise: “South Korea has decided, beyond the financial contribution of 2.7 billion FCFA, to come share its expertise in capital development based on three values: the culture of risk appetite, the taste for work and the development of the solidarity chain, “said Ouro Koura Agadazi, the Togolese minister in charge of agriculture.

As a reminder, Togolese Prime Minister Komi Klassou received in April 2018 a mission from the African Development Bank (AfDB) and the Saemaul Globalization Foundation to discuss the financing of the project.


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