Cocoa: Michel Arrion replaces Jean Marc Anga at the head of the ICCO

Michel Arrion, the new executive director of ICCO

The Belgian Michel Arrion, former ambassador of the European Union, is the new executive director of the ICCO, the international organization of cocoa, replacing the Ivorian Jean Marc Anga

The new director was “appointed by consensus at the end of the September meeting of the International Cocoa Council, the governing body of the organization” for a five-year term, the ICCO statement said on October 1.

The governance of Jean-Marc Anga was marked by the transfer of the ICCO headquarters from London to Abidjan in April 2017.

Michel Arrion has been the representative of the European Union, particularly in Nigeria, Rwanda and Côte d’Ivoire.

Founded in 1973, ICCO is an organization that brings together both cocoa producing and consuming countries.


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