Uhuru Kenyatta laureate of the Babacar Ndiaye trophy

At the end of the deliberations, the selection committee of the Africa Road Builders trophy has proceeded, this May 3, 2018 in Dakar, to the choice of the winner of the Grand Prix Grand Builder – Babacar NDIAYE Trophy.

It is Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta, who is nominated for his personal leadership and for the transformation of the road network.

« The Selection Committee warmly congratulates the laureate and has the honor to inform him that the presentation of his trophy will take place on 23 May 2018 in Busan, Republic of Korea, on the occasion of the ADB Annual Meetings. , at a solemn ceremony sponsored by the President of the ADB, Dr. Akinwumi ADESINA, « said Barthelemy Kouamé, director of Publication of Media Acturoutes (Ivory Coast) and general commissioner of the trophy.

The annual nomination meeting of The Africa Road Builders Selection Committee – Babacar NDIAYE Trophy was held on the eve of the 2018 laureate’s award ceremony on May 2, in the presence of several media from different subregions of Africa.

The Selection Committee worked on the basis of the report made by the Media Network for Infrastructure and Finance in Africa (MIFA). The Selection Committee also took into account the public reports of international institutions and organizations in the field of road and transport in Africa, as well as all relevant publications available and searchable in the relevant fields.

The debates were open and frank. The decisions were submitted to three main criteria: the social impact of the projects, their environmental aspect and the quality of the financial arrangement.

Statement of the selection committee

Through this trophy, the Selection Committee welcomes the declared desire of all African States to improve the quality of roads and transport. The Selection Committee encourages them all to carry out concrete projects that facilitate the mobility of all the peoples of the continent. The Selection Committee thanks and congratulates the AfDB and its President, Dr. Akinwumi ADESINA, for putting the issue of roads and transport high on its agenda through its governance program called « The High 5 to Transform Africa ».

The Selection Committee salutes the previous winners of the Grand Prix Builder – Babacar NDIAYE Trophy. He particularly expresses his admiration for SEM. Macky SALL, President of the Republic of Senegal for the hospitality shown by the country and for the continuation of the great works that earned him the prestigious Babacar NDIAYE Trophy.

The Selection Committee joins forces with ACTUROUTES and the General Commissariat of The Africa Road Builders – Trophee Babacar NDIAYE to salute the memory of Dr. Babacar NDIAYE, former President of the AfDB, who continues to inspire this initiative. Together, the Selection Committee, ACTUROUTES and the Commissariat Général join forces to express their infinite gratitude to the family of Dr. Babacar Ndiaye.


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