Morocco-hotels: Abdellatif Kabbaj against any takeover of the CNT

Abdellatif Kabbaj, symbol of the Moroccan hotel industry by his career and his struggles for the emancipation of a tourism sector in search of independence.

Abdellatif Kabbaj will run for the presidency of the National Confederation of Tourism (CNT), contrary to all expectations.

The first Moroccan hotelier in number of rooms (excluding multinationals) is thus, with its own body, to block the road to any attempt of OPA of the CNT, this unifying body, which had shunned the Confederation of employers (CGEM) in 2007 and which today aspires to be integrated.
In the race for his re-election at the CNT, the boss of the Kenzi channel will be paired Hamid Bentahar, a hotelier at heart, President of the Regional Council of Tourism Marrakech and Mr. Accor of Morocco. The two postulants are well-known professionals working in associations and accustomed to the arcane sector, writes Premium News, the news sheet sector controlled by Othman Alami, head of the agency Atlas Voyages.

If Abellatif Kabbaj is said to be supported by many professionals including Omar Kabbaj, boss of the Hyatt Regency chain, it seems that behind, the ranks appear scattered. Some blame him for almost a bias for Saleheddine Mezouar and a record relative to the head of the CNT. His former partner, tour operator Fouzi Zemrani, had launched a scathing “we all failed” a few weeks ago.

Whatever, Abdellatif Kabbaj would seek to bar the way for tourism promoters, who, influential within the CGEM, look at the CNT with the eyes of Chimene by promising him nothing less a creative dissolution of a new, more representative structure.

As a reminder, on March 16, 80% of the members of the Board of Directors of the National Confederation of Tourism (CNT) have called for their return to the General Confederation of Enterprises of Morocco (CGEM). This record number conceals divergences in the number of professionals including Lahcen Zelmat, president of the National Federation of the hotel industry (FNIH), are opposed to this return with fanfare.


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