Guinea Bissau: finally formed government (list of ministers)

The President of the Republic, José Mário Vaz, has, in the afternoon, April 25, 2018, by Presidential Decree No. 9/2018, appointed the 26 members of the Government, including 18 Ministers and 8 Secretaries of State .

The African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde (PAIGC) and the Party for Social Renewal (PRS) control most of the portfolios.
The big surprise of Guinean political observers is the entry into the executive of the leaders of three other parties with seats in parliament, namely Agnelo Augusto Regalla, president of Union for Change; Vicente Fernandes, President of the Party of Democratic Convergence and Iaia Djaló, President of the New Democracy Party.
The designation of ministers for key portfolios has been the subject of endless discussions under the auspices of ECOWAS, which repeatedly threatened to slam the door.
In the end, the head of state entrusted the Ministry of Economy and Finance to the prime minister, Aristides Gomes, who occupies him cumulatively. The Interior Ministry that the Guinean president wanted to keep in his lap went to Brigadier General Mutaro Djaló.
According to the government, the State Secretariat for the Environment will operate under the direct supervision of Prime Minister Aristides Gomes. The Secretaries of State for Budget and Tax Affairs, the Secretary of State for Planning and Regional Integration, as well as the Secretary of State for the Treasury, will be placed under the supervision of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.
Here is the list of the 18 ministers
Mr. Agnelo Regala (UM) – Minister of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and Parliamentary Affairs;
Mr João Ribeiro Butiam Có (PRS) – Minister for Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and Communities;
Mr. Eduardo Costa Sanhá (Jomav) – Minister of National Defense;
Mutaro Djaló (Jomav) – Minister of the Interior;
Ms. Adiatu Djaló Nandinga (PAIGC) – Minister of Fisheries;
Mr. António Serifo Embaló (PRS) – Minister of Energy, Industry and Natural Resources;
Nicolau dos Santos (PRS) – Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development;
Mr Camilo Simões Pereira (PAIGC) – Minister of Education, Higher Education, Youth, Culture and Sport;
Mr. Aristides Ocante da Silva (G’15) – Minister of the Fighters of the Freedom of the Fatherland.
Victor Gomes Pereira (PRS) – Minister of Social Communication.
Mr. António Óscar Barbosa (PAIGC) – Minister of Public Works, Construction and Urbanism;
Mr. Mamadú Serifo Jaquité (G’15) – Minister of Transport and Communications;
Mr. Vicente Fernandes (PCD) – Minister of Trade, Tourism and Handicrafts.
Maria Inácia Có Sanhá (PRS) – Minister of Public Health, Family and Social Cohesion;
Mr. Fernando Gomes (PRS) – Minister of Administrative Reform, Civil Service and Labor;
Ms. Ester Fernandes (PAIGC) – Minister of Territorial Administration;
Mr Iaia Djaló (PND) – Minister of Justice and Human Rights;


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