Guinea: SOGEAC splashed by corruption scandal

The General Manager of the operating company of Conakry-Gbessia International Airport (SOGEAC), Oulaba Kabassan Keïta, has been facing charges of financial embezzlement for more than 48 hours. Its management questioned during the 62nd session of the Board of Directors held in Conakry on November 22, 2017, an audit covering the period from January 1, 2016 to October 31, 2017 was conducted by independent firms and confirmed the suspicions of the CA.

More than 4 billion Guinean francs disappeared from the coffers of SOGEAC. Summoned to explain these financial anomalies, especially in terms of expenses, in the components: maintenance, repairs and maintenance; missions and receptions, benefits in kind, investment in furniture …, the CEO of SOGEAC acknowledged having worked with suppliers with recurring services without contracts,

He also tried to justify the financial gap noted by the costs associated with these stays in the West.

« Recurrent delivery providers do not all have a formal contract; the tuition fees of my son admitted to the French baccalaureate, pre-funded to make me pay back; although enjoying per diem during my travels, as a director, I also use the card if necessary, if it turns out that my package does not cover my charges « he said defended without being able to convince the CA.

While a meeting of the board of directors was expected in the hours that followed the announcement of this incredible corruption scandal, it was postponed indefinitely.

To be continued


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