A new president for Société Générale Morocco

Current Chairman of the Management Board, Khalid Chami joins the Supervisory Board of Société Générale Maroc and becomes Chairman according to the letter “Infomediaire”.
Khalid Chami will succeed Jean-Luc Parer, who remains a director of the bank. In this respect, Chami, in consultation with the Management Board, will draw up the bank’s main orientations, coordinate the activities of the bank with its subsidiaries, where it will be asked to act as a director, and represent the bank to the bank. administrations, supervisory authorities and professional organizations.
He will also play a role in supporting the bank with its major clients and the Moroccan business community and will oversee the Société Générale Maroc Foundation.
The Supervisory Board of Société Générale Maroc has also appointed Ahmed El Yacoubi, Chairman of the Management Board, effective from 1 April 2018. These appointments will be subject to approval by the Central Bank of Morocco.


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