Owendo Container Terminal awarded Green Terminal label


Owendo Container Terminal (OCT), operator of the container terminal of the Port of Owendo, has been  granted the Green Terminal label following an audit conducted by Bureau Veritas on 4 May 2022. This  label rewards the efforts made by the company to reduce the impact of its activities on the environment  by implementing eco-responsible measures. 

The audit was conducted by Bureau Veritas experts and based on the eight pillars of the labelling  process. This process includes work procedures, building infrastructure in line with international  standards, waste management and training employees in best environmental practices.  

Owendo Container Terminal is our 7th port concession to obtain the Green Terminal label. We are  proud of the progress made since the implementation of our environmental approach. We are continuing  to roll it out in the network with Bureau Veritas, to provide our partners and users with efficient and eco responsible logistics solutions,” said Olivier de Noray, Managing Director of Bolloré Ports and Terminals. 

Every year, Owendo Container Terminal invests in projects to modernise its infrastructure in accordance  with international standards while meeting the country’s environmental standards. Thanks to the  initiatives deployed on its site, and the gradual transition to 100% electric equipment, the company  reduced its overall greenhouse gas emissions by 9% between 2018 and 2021. Despite increased activity  and the addition of new pieces of equipment, the carbon intensity emitted per container handled  decreased by 33%. 

Marc Roussel, Vice President Africa at Bureau Veritas explains: “Owendo Container Terminal is a nerve  centre for the entire economy of Gabon and more widely in Africa. We are delighted to support Bolloré  Ports in the deployment of the Green Terminal label here. Our mission is based on conducting audits to  assess whether the eco-social commitments made on the ground produce results. At Bureau Veritas,  we are very proud to support our 400,000 customers worldwide, such as here in Gabon, with their  responsible progress.” »  

Bolloré Ports, a leading operator of port terminals in Africa, Asia and America, launched the “Green  Terminal” environmental labelling process in June 2021, which aims to reduce the carbon footprint of its  activities by using a precise methodology that covers all environmental issues. A first in the port sector,  this approach has been validated by Bureau Veritas, one of the world’s leading companies in testing,  inspection and certification. 

About Owendo Container Terminal  

Owendo Container Terminal (OCT) is the operator of the container terminal of the Port of Owendo in  Gabon. A key player in the country’s supply chain, OCT employs nearly 300 Gabonese nationals and  leads a subcontracting policy that generates 1,000 indirect jobs. Every year, OCT also carries out  actions to support the local populations in partnership with NGOs in a number of areas, particularly  those related to education and the environment. 


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