Tunisie: Continuation of the downward trend in tourism activity in the first quarter of 2021

The indicators of tourism activity in Tunisia continued their downward trend, in particular for the flow of foreign tourists which experienced a drop of 75.8% during the first quarter of 2021 against -16.6% a year earlier, according to the Central Bank of Tunisia (BCT) based in Tunis.

According to the Tunisian Emission Institute, these indicators covered 258,500 visitors. << This decrease concerned the different nationalities, in particular, European tourists (-80.9% against -29.6% in 2020), like the French (-79.7% against-22.4%) , the English (-93.4% against -67.6%) and the Germans (-85.3% against -34.8%) >>, adds the services of the BCT.

Likewise for North African tourists, they fell by 75.4% against -12.7% in 2020, in particular, for Algerians (-99.6% against-20.3%) and Libyans (-53, 9% versus -4.8%).

Correspondingly, underlines the BCT, overall tourist nights were down 61.4% at the end of March 2021, against -31.4% during the same period of the previous year, to stand at 826,500 units. . At the same time, tourism receipts fell by 59.9% during the first three months of 2021, against + 4.7% during the same period of 2020, reaching 372.4 million dinars. “Without currency effect,” specifies the BCT, the drop in these revenues was 60.9% against + 14.3% in 2020. ”

Who says tourists, says air transport. On this point, the BCT indicates that air passenger traffic in March 2021 showed a decline of 49.1%, year-on-year, against -59.9% during the same month a year earlier, and this in relationship with the resurgence of a third wave of COVID-19. During the first quarter of 2021, the number of passengers fell by 71.4% against -21.7% a year earlier, to reach around 450,000 passengers. “This development concerned activity on international lines (-72.8%) and, to a lesser extent, traffic on domestic lines (-44.8%)”, reports the BCT. The decrease affected the majority of airports, in particular that of Tunis-Carthage (-60.7%), Djerba (-59.3%) and Hammamet-Nfidha (-77.7%).


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